Introducing the Duke’s Butcher Block

I’m proud to introduce the Duke’s Butcher Block, a book review series wherein I will cover (mostly, but not always) indie authors and provide an honest view on the work through my perspective as a writer. As such, I don’t claim to be the closest reader, but I’m not shy to assert that my grasp of mechanics and organization will be well-applied, and ultimately understood (by you).

I won’t let nepotism infect my judgment when considering the work ON THE TABLE. Whether acquainted with the author or not, I will investigate the consistency, layout, character development, tone, application of theme, etc. throughout the work.

What titles will I select? That’s up in the air. But I keep my finger on the pulse of the indie community as it surrounds me and choose those that receive broad attention. To be honest, my goal is a moving target. In any case, I can see my honesty drawing much ire as this endeavor fleshes out. That’s okay with me—I’m not trying to win a popularity contest. If an author or their cadre find my conclusions disagreeable, I will remind the aggrieved parties that my perspective is driven solely by objectivity.

This is the big one—personally I prefer distance between a fiction author’s worldview and the point-of-view in the stories they produce. So, I will have to address the issue of authorial intervention as a serious matter, which I believe truly distinguishes an author’s ability to show rather than tell the ideas they are trying to convey.

Regarding genres, I will be open minded, but I prefer to investigate the activities within the horror, dark fiction, and satirical veins of the writing community.

Good luck and congratulations to everyone whose books makes it ON THE TABLE—where ego can’t shelter your title from the cleaver’s cold truth. I will have my first review available by the end of the week.


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