Picking Myself Up

Just compiled a list of all the videos I’ve uploaded so far, a staggering fifty three, if I’ve counted correctly, within five months. A lot of guitar playing and recording, but clearly not enough writing.

Since self-releasing my book, Bizarre Messaging, back in October, I haven’t quite caught traction on anything significant. During this quarantine, however, I have written a 6,500-word story submission for a horror anthology. If it isn’t accepted I will add it to my latest work, which I completed before even starting Bizarre Messaging, but I have to follow my instincts at this point, and those instincts told me to release the micro-story collection first. As I am without any representation whatsoever, I’m still feeling my way in the reading world. I do know that I will be releasing another collection of short stories, this time of more traditional length ranging from flash fiction to novella-length works. Will reveal the title and cover soon.

Until now. I have been flipping through some ideas over the past few weeks, and have decided on a project to pursue. I have an outline written for another short novel or longer short story, but that can wait for now. It’s a strange feeling writing with an audience in mind. I am a person of manners, but much of my writing, I’m afraid, can be quite rude. It’s this clash of impressions that sort of knots my mind and blocks forward momentum. I have decided to address this by writing something completely without discretion, without the intent of pleasing or offending anyone. I write ideas that make my mind turn, not to express some kind of covert opinion. I have an opinion, for sure, but it’s not my job to try to convince you of your conclusion.

Been a long time since I’ve written in this blog. Used to write an entry every night before midnight, but that becomes a bit tedious when you’re addressing a room of crickets (so I archived them all, over fifty posts). Will try to keep this more active in the days, weeks, months, and years ahead.

It’s easy to keep things moving with guitar videos, but my true focus is on my writing until I can get my band, Duke Livingston, back together after this pandemic.

From the other side of strange,